CNC Milling Machines

CNC Milling Machines

Wide selection of Dalian DMTG CNC milling machines from China's top rated brand. If you're looking for a VMC that offers a high quality build, accurate work, high performance and has a history of reliable use then DMTG is for you.

Why Dalian DMTG? - DMTG is the 2nd highest rated machine tool builder in China, they are renowned for their superior design and high allround quality 

Model Explained:
- VDL - Linear Guideways
- VDF - Box type slide ways

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Dalian DMTG VDL-600A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 47,504.37 USD $ 59,572.89 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-850A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 49,220.37 USD $ 61,308.03 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-1000 Vertical Machining Center from $ 55,853.48 USD $ 68,756.90 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-1200 Vertical Machining Centre $ 104,133.90 USD $ 114,547.29 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-850A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 49,385.53 USD $ 61,489.70 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-1200 Vertical Machining Center $ 103,410.12 USD $ 113,751.13 USD
DMTG VDF-1500 Vertical Machining Center $ 144,452.56 USD $ 158,897.82 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-1800 Vertical Machining Centre $ 160,417.22 USD $ 176,458.95 USD

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