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Dalian DMTG Vertical Machining Centers

Fully enclosed High-performance vertical machining centres with linear guide ways / slide ways, precision industrial CNC Control, high speed Arm-Type tool changer, high pressure coolant system and chain type chip Conveyor.

Big brand components and rigid ribbed cast iron body offer great performance and long reliable use. 

Dalian DMTG VDL-600A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 47,504.37 USD $ 59,572.89 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-850A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 49,385.53 USD $ 61,489.70 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-850A Vertical Machining Centre from $ 49,220.37 USD $ 61,308.03 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-1000 Vertical Machining Center from $ 55,853.48 USD $ 68,756.90 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-1200 Vertical Machining Center $ 103,410.12 USD $ 113,751.13 USD
Dalian DMTG VDL-1200 Vertical Machining Centre $ 104,133.90 USD $ 114,547.29 USD
Dalian DMTG VDF-1800 Vertical Machining Centre $ 160,417.22 USD $ 176,458.95 USD
DMTG VDF-1500 Vertical Machining Center $ 144,452.56 USD $ 158,897.82 USD

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