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Standard Turret Mill - 3M with Step Pulley Head (R8 Spindle) Single Phase

 Proven Quality Turret Mills for every day Precision Engineering. Almost 2000 of these turret mills are working in South Africa.

Standard Mill - 3M with 3HP/3PH Motor  

  • Spindle Taper - R8
  • Motor - 3HP Spindle Motor
  • Head Type - Step-Pulley Speed Head
  • Table Size - 1270x250mm
  • Table Travel - 800/380/430 (XYZ) 
  • Quil Travel/Diameter - 127mm/86mmØ 
  • Spindle Speed - 70-4620 RPM 
  • Spindle To Table - 50mm-480mm 
  • Dimensions - 1710mmx2040mmx2180mm (LxWxH) 
  • Weight - 1050Kg 

Standard Accessories 

  • Align AL-500 Feed Motor on X-Axis 
  • Coolant System 
  • One-Shot Lubricator 
  • Proven Electrics 

Machine are "Build on Order" only

Delivery is 12-16 weeks from Deposit payment

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