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Bison Poland 3604 - 4-Jaw Self-Centring Chuck, Backplate Mounted, Cast Iron Body, 2-sets of Jaws

BISON - European grade 4-Jaw self-centring lathe chucks, Made in Poland.
Accuracy, reliability and very long life are the benchmarks of Bison Chucks.

Over the last 20 years we have proven that BISON is the best lathe chuck for the South African market, precise and reliable with previous customers asking for BISON by name.

Bison chucks are repairable with optional jaws and spare parts available from our store.

3604 Models are Back Plate Mounted

  • Diameter - 125Ø,160Ø,200Ø,250Ø,315Ø,400Ø,500Ø,630Ø and 800Ømm
  • Number Of Jaws - 4  Jaws
  • Clamping Type - Self Centring 
  • Body Material - Steel 
  • Fitting Type - Direct Fitting (Camlock) 

Delivery is 6-8 weeks from payment
Products are import on order directly from Poland

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