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Dalian DMTG CW6280x5000E Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

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Proven Heavy duty metalworking lathe with Ø800mm Swing, 5000mm B/C between centres, Ø105mm or Ø130mm spindle bore. Strong refined European design with a history of reliable service.

Our Lathe operators opinion of the Dalian DMTG CW6280x5000E metal working lathe:
"The lathe is well made with good finishes, it has a notable European feel and has a "Non-Chinese" refinement about it. The lathe is very capable under cutting conditions and keeps tolerances well, it's easy to use with a good gear and feed selection. Easy to maintain with good manuals that are understand (Possibly some of the best i've seen on a Chinese machine.)" 

 Why buy your next DMTG lathe from us?

  • DMTG is consistently one of the Top 5 best Chinese machine brands
  • The current range of DMTG lathes were designed by one of the most famous lathes brands in Europe. (Sadly we are not allowed to mention them again.)
  • All DMTG lathes sold by us are European standard and specced to South Africa conditions (Beware of cheap/lower grade products made for the Asian markets.)
  • We are Machine Tool Specialists and have focused on metal working machinery for over 40 years. Work with us, we are the right choice for metal working machinery.

Dalian CW6280x5000E Gap Bed Lathe with Clutch:

  • Swing
    • Over Bed - Ø800mm 
    • Over Saddle - Ø480mm 
    • in Gap - Ø1000mm 
  • Length of Gap - 350mm (Measured from Spindle Nose)
  • Distance Between Centres - 5000mm 
  • Spindle:
    • Bore - Ø105mm (Ø130mm Optional)
    • Fitting - D1-11 
    • Speeds - 75-1000rpm (18 Steps)
    • Torque - 2400Nm
  • Toolpost
    • Travel - 200mm
    • Tool capacity - 30x30mm
    • Swivel Angle - ±90°
  • Tailstock
    • Taper - MT6 
    • Quill Travel - 240mm (Ø100mm)
  • Feeds
    • Longitudinal Feeds
      • 1/1 Ratio - 0.1~1.52mm/rev (64 feeds)
      • 16/1 Ratio - 1.6~24.3mm/Rev (64 feeds)
    • Cross Feeds - 1/2 of Longitudinal feeds 
  • Threads
    • Metric Threads - 01~240mm (50 Kinds) 
    • Imperial Threads - 14~1TPI (26 Kinds)
    • Diametrical Threads - 28~1 (24 Kinds) 
    • Module Threads - 0.5~120M.P. (53 Kinds) 
  • Main Motor - 11kW
  • Weight - 7300 kg 
  • Dimensions - 7120x1470x1830mm
  • 3-Jaw Self Centring Chuck - Ø400mm
  • 4-Jaw Independent Chuck
  • 4-position tool post
  • Standard Toolbox
  • Light
  • Coolant System
  • Thread Chasing Dial
  • Splash Tray
  • Foot Brake
  • Steadies
    • Fixed steady - Ø40~250mm
    • Traveling steady - Ø20~160mm
  • Dead centres and sleeves
  • Right hand saddle (Despite the picture showing Left hand Saddle)

Machines are strictly built on order. (Build-on-Demand) 

Delivery 10-14 Weeks from Deposit

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