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Standard KGS-4080 Hydraulic Surface Grinder

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Precision Surface grinder for high accuracy grinding of flat metal Components, Surface grinders are the best tool for metal parts parallel so top and bottom surfaces have a smooth ground finish and are parallel.

Machine Configuration
- C-shaped body with stable cast iron frame, set for precision alignment.
- High precisions spindle bearings and balanced spindle shaft
- X-axis configuration - Hydraulic X-travel on hydrostatic bearing slideway
- Y-axis configuration - Electric stepper feed. Step size can be adjusted
- Z-axis has three options
    - A-Manual Z-axis feed and positioning
    - AH-Motorised feed and manual positioning
    - AHD-Automatic down feed, motorised feed and positioning 

  • Magnet Size - 400x800mm 
  • X-Axis (Longitudinal) Travel - 850mm 
  • Y-Axis (Cross) Travel - 440mm 
  • Table to Spindle Centre - 580mm (without magnet) 
  • Load on Table - 700kg 
  • Table Speeds - 5~25m/min (hydraulic X-axis) 
  • Cross Feed Handwheel - 0.02mm/Gra., 5mm/Rev. 
  • Auto. Crossfeed - 0.5~12mm/step 
  • Power Crossfeed - 790mm/min 
  • Grinding Wheel - 355x40x127mm 
  • Spindle Speed - 1450RPM
  • Vertical Feed Handwheel - 0.01mm/Gra., 2mm/Rev.
  • Auto. Down Feed - 0.005~0.025mm/step 
  • Vertical Rapid Feed Speed - 230mm 
  • Vertical Feed Motor - 90W
  • Spindle Motor - 5.5kW
  • Hydraulic Motor - 1.5kW
  • Coolant Motor - 90W
  • Cross Feed Motor - 90W
  • Floor Space - 3600x2600mm 
  • Weight - 3150kg 
  • 400x800mm Electromagnet
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Flange
  • Balance stand
  • Mounting Feed  

Surface grinders are strictly build on order.
Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

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