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High Definition Plasma Cutter - Standard LPT-1500x3000 with Hypertherm CNC Controller

  • Table Size - 1500x3000mm
  • Input Voltage - 220V
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Cutting Speed - 0-20000mm/min
  • Cutting Thickness - 0.3-30mm
  • Crossbeam - Aluminium (60x145mm)
  • Program Transmission - USB
  • Weight - 400kg
  • True Synchronous Transmission, One high power servo motor drives single main shaft to achieve high speed and delicate movement of Y-Axis of both sides lead by two belts.
  • Seperable Modular Structure.
  • V-Shape Wheel Positioning Solution. The helical gear and rack with V-Shape wheel positioning system improves the stability of the machine.
  • Loading Table higher than the guide rail system for easier loading.
  • Libellula Nesting Software 

Build on Demand Only.

Delivery 8-12 weeks from Deposit

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