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Sierra Turret Mill - M-5VH with Increased Table Support (Motor 5HP, ISO40 Spindle)

Industrial grade turret mills, versatile and affordable addition to any size workshop.

Turret mills are unmatched for there milling and drilling capacity, and are the most used type of milling machine for light to medium duty applications in South Africa.

  • Table Size - 1370x305mm
  • T Slots - 16x65mm (x3)
  • Longitudinal(X) Travel - 850mm
  • Cross(Y) Travel - 400mm
  • Vertical(Z) Travel - 400mm
  • Quill Travel - 127mm
  • Quill Diameter - Ø100mm
  • Spindle Center to Column - 170-520mm
  • Spindle Nose to Table Top - 0-460mm
  • Arm Travel - 450mm
  • Milling Head Tilt - 90º (Left & Right), 45º (Front & Back)
  • Spindle Taper - ISO40
  • Spindle Speed - 66-4540rpm
  • Power of Spindle Motor - 5HP (3.7kW)
  • Max. Table Load - 350kg
  • Size - 1750x1650x2100mm
  • Weight - 1400kg 

Standard Accessories:

  • Splash Tray
  • Overarm Type Electrical Panel
  • X-Axis Feed Motors (A100)
  • Z-Axis Built-in Elevating Motor

Machine are "Build on Order" only

Delivery is 8-12 weeks from Deposit payment

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