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Standard PRH3-16x3000 Hydraulic 3-Roll Plateroller with Pre-Bend

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Standard PRH3-16x3000mm Hydraulic 3-Roll Plateroller with Initial Pinch (Pre-Bend):

  • Rolling Capacity - 16mm (mild steel)
  • Max. Plate Width - 3000mm
  • Rolling Pressure - 110ton
  • Pre-Bending Capacity - 12mm (mild steel)
  • Top Roller Diameter - 330mm
  • Bottom Roller Diameter - 170mm
  • Bottom Roller Support Rollers - Yes
  • Drive Motor - 15kW
  • Hydraulic Motor - 5.5kW
  • Top Roller Positioning Motor - 2kW

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

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