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STANDARD PRH4-12x2500 Hydraulic 4-Roll Plateroller with Pre-Bend

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Standard PRH4-12x2500mm Hydraulic 4-Roll Plateroller with Double Initial Pinch (Pre-Bend):

The four-roller metal plate bending machine is automatic, with international advanced technology, the rounding program is automatically formulated, it has a full hydraulic drive with intelligent control and automatic rounding of the CNC metal plate bending machine. This piece of equipment has the capability for batch rolling round multi-segment arc, square, cone and special-shaped work pieces.

  • One-time roll forming, intelligent control.
  • Visual input touch screen, editing process steps, which can store 100 sets of data  EPS electronic balance system, the system keeps the roller movement parallel within 0.10mm range.
  • Self diagnosis fault, man support machine dialogue, intelligent judgment of operating errors.
  • This machine is driven by hydraulic cylinders with high repeatability.
  • The 4 - roller shaft is driven by multi-stage deceleration hydraulic pressure, the large torque is stable and reliable.
  • Steel plate welded integral frame and base to meet medium and large rolling strength.
  • The frame and the base are annealed as a whole to eliminate stress and never deform.
  • The roller shaft is forged as a whole and has undergone hardening treatment process of quenching and tempering.
  • Compatible with manual and automatic modes. 
  • Max Bending Thickness - 12mm
  • Pre-Bending Thickness - 10mm
  • Roller working length - 2550mm
  • Plate Yield Limit - 245Mpa
  • Top Roller Diameter - 300mm
  • Bottom Roller Diameter - 270mm
  • Side Roller Diameter - 220mm
  • Main Motor Power - 11kW
  • Machine Dimensions - 5200x1500x1500mm
  • Weight - 8200kg
  • Siemens K500 NC control system
  • Alien s650 CNC control system
  • Laser sensor

This machine is  specifically built and the delivery is 9-14 Weeks from Deposit.