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Section Roller - Standard SSR-50 with Hydraulic Top Roll

Standard SSR-50 Section Roller with Hydraulic Top Roll:

  • Weight - 900kg
  • Size - 1200x800x1540mm
  • Power - 2.2kW
  • Standard Roll Set - adjustable rolls for flat and angle iron

Minimum Bend Diameters:

  • Angle Iron Leg In - 50x50x6mm (Ø900mm),  30x30x3mm (Ø600mm)
  • Angle Iron Leg Out - 50x50x6mm (Ø600mm),  30x30x3mm (Ø400mm)
  • Solid Bar on Flat Side - 100x15mm (Ø600mm),  50x10mm (Ø300mm)
  • Solid Bar on Edge - 60x10mm (Ø600mm),  20x10mm (Ø300mm)
  • Solid Round Bar - Ø35mm (Ø600mm),  Ø20mm (Ø300mm)
  • Round Tube - Ø70x2mm (Ø1200mm),  Ø25x1.5mm (Ø400mm)
  • Square Tube - 50x50x3mm (Ø1600mm),  20x20x2mm (Ø400mm)
  • Rectangle Tube on Flat Side - 70x50x3mm (Ø1200mm),  30x15x2mm (Ø400mm)
  • Rectangle Tube on Edge - 70x30x3mm (Ø1500mm),  30x15x2mm (Ø400mm)
  • U-Channel Leg In - 80x43x5mm (Ø1200mm),  30x15x4mm (Ø600mm)
  • U-Channel Leg Out - 80x43x5mm (Ø800mm),  30x15x4mm (Ø400mm)
  • T-Channel Leg In - 70x70x8mm (Ø800mm),  30x30x4mm (Ø500mm)
  • T-Channel Leg Out - 80x80x9mm (Ø800mm),  30x30x4mm (Ø500mm)
  • T-Channel on the Edge - 80x80x9mm (Ø800mm),  30x30x4mm (Ø500mm)

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit 

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