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Standard GU-500x1500 Universal Cylindrical Grinder with Variable Speed

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Precision Universal Cylindrical grinder for external and internal grinding applications. Machine Design, where grinding head moves on Y-axis and Job is moved on X-axis while being held between headstock and tailstock,

- Capacity: Ø500mm Turning diameter and 1500mm max. grinding length.

  • Distance Between Centers - 1500mm
  • Center Height - 270mm
  • Diameter Ground (OD) - Ø25-500mm
  • Diameter Ground (ID) - Ø30-200mm
  • Max. Grind Length (OD) - 1500mm
  • Max. Grind Length (ID) - 320mm
  • Max. Weight - 1000kg
  • Swiveling Angle - ±90°
  • Center Taper - MT6
  • Spindle Speed (6 Gears) - 50Hz: 20-224rpm (Stepless)
  • Wheel Spindle Speed - 1330/665rpm
  • Wheel Rapid Travel - 100mm
  • Max. Travel - 370mm
  • Swiveling Angle - 30°
  • Hand Wheel Resolution - 
    • Rough - 4mm
    • Fine - 0.5mm
  • Hand Wheel Graduation - 
    • Rough - 0.02mm
    • Fine - 0.0025mm
  • Wheel Size (OD) - 500x75x305mm
  • Surface Speed - up to 35m/s
  • Internal Grinding Head Spindle Speed - 10000rpm
  • Internal Wheel Size - 
    • Min - 30x25x10mm
    • Max - 175x32x32mm
  • Max. Swiveling Angle of Table - 
    • Clockwise - 3°
    • Anti-Clock Wise - 6°
  • Longitudinal Speed Range of Table - 0.1-3m/min
  • Tailstock Taper - MT6
  • Tailstock Quill Travel - 70mm
  • Wheelhead Motor - 5/7.5kW
  • Weight - 10000kg
  • Size - 5100x2280x2100mm

Why buy a Standard branded machine from Standard Machine Tools?

  • The STANDARD Brand is one of South Africa's most recognisable brands and is known for its high quality and reliable products over the last 35 years.
  • Established - There are currently over 2000 x STANDARD brand machines in workshops in and around Southern Africa
  • South Africanized spec products - our machines have been fine tuned to work under Africa's unique working conditions which in many cases are nothing like anywhere else in the world.
  • Quality - We have not compromised on quality, despite the industry trend to reduce the product quality to offset reduced sales numbers.
  • Price - Our price to quality offering is the highest in SA thanks to our unique "Build-on-Demand" business model. 
  • Build-on-Demand business model explained - instead of increasing the selling price of products we restructured the business and cut our overheads by 65% making it possible to retain our quality and offer better prices. Costs that do not bring value to the customer are also removed like storage, double transport (Port to a showroom and then showroom to customer.), building insurance and maintenance, cleaning staff, flashy showrooms, salesmen etc. None of these improve the quality of the product but they contribute a large part of its selling price.
  • We are Machine Tool Specialists and have focused on metal working machinery for over 40 years. Work with us, we are the right choice.

This machine is strictly built on order.
Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

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